June, 29th, 2009 :


A HDD crash brought some of my motivation back (and the crazy heat that's keeping me inside). Some games were lost but I'm filling the gaps while I rebuild the PC98 games set. Sadly it's the rarest games that are gone.

50 % of the loss estimation has been done and I expect to have a clearer view by the beginning of next week.


-- We are looking for original PC98 games and Technopolis magazines, please send us your pictures and prices --




December, 15th, 2007 :


On the 1st of January, Tokugawa Corp. (formerly FMV) will celebrate it's 5th Anniversary. We've been through a lot during these years : frustrating forum crashes, site made unavailable because of direct download links, ... But somehow we managed to survive.


The forum is now the most active part of the website. I started working again on the PC98 Screenshots that badly needed an update. For now I'm simply adding games, screenshots will come later. When things will be settled a bit with PC98, I'd like to dig into X68000 and PC88 more seriously, but it might not be for 2008 ^__^.


One last word to thank all the dedicated guys on the forum without whom this website would have been long gone and forgotten.

December, 29th, 2006 :


I uploaded a small PC98 ISO to wish you all the best for the year to come. Thank you everybody !


November, 28th, 2006 :


The site is recovering slowly from the last crash, time for everyone to sit down and read Parazythum excellent article about the Car Marty ! Check it out in the "Staff Articles" section.


September, 23rd, 2006 :


I uploaded a 409 Mb CD-Rom game to a new server for testing purpose, I wish it will not blow up because of bandwith traffic. The game is Pretty Sammy (19xx)(AIC). At the same time it's a challenge for all die hard PC98 emulation fans because the game needs to be installed using a certain DOS version (don't remember if it's 3.x or 5.x). That's why I uploaded several versions of DOS with it.


If someone finds a way to launch it I'd be forever grateful and put his work online if he allows me to. There has also been a "second part" of this game that will be uploaded if someone finds a way to play it.


Good Luck !!


September, 9th, 2006 :


Some work in progress : the games list is now unified (no more searching by letter but the file will take more time to load : 785 kb) and will be updated a little later (the doujin games will slowly migrate on a dedicated page).



September, 7th, 2006 :

Another long non-update period ... All my apologies everybody. There's definetely things in the pipe, stay tuned.


For now I'd like to introduce you to our receptionist, a CG from Policenauts that I slightly modified to give more identity to the website.


Megamorf for FM-Towns has also been re-uploaded with screenshots this time.


I uploaded all PC98 games from all companies which names start by L (for "Lazy non-updater Bastard"). Enjoy !