May, 25th, 2006 :

Sorry for the long lack of updates but I've been rather busy and not much at home lately.

I uploaded some old and new requests, and all games from all companies which names start by B. Enjoy !

FM-Towns releases will follow soon.


March, 11th, 2006 :

Parazythum kindly sent us a self-made FM-Towns ISO containing tons of freeware which is the perfect example for his article on how to create a FM-Towns games compilation. Make sure you read the README file in it. You can download it from the "Staff Articles" section, it will stay on the website. You will also find "The New Zealand Story" ISO for FM-Towns in the download section, also provided by Parazythum. Thank you big bad bug !


For my part I finally made a HDI version of RAM and of another game that I wanted to propose this week "The Knights 2" by Maesta 7.


Terryn Yisteria recently filled some of my requests. Among them is "Planets of Dragon" that I've been searching for years but I can't seem to launch it ! Any help appreciated. Requests list updated as well ^__^.


February, 19th, 2006 :

2 new PC98 isos available for download :

- Henshing Ring from Miami Soft (screenshots can be found at the usual place), a well animated H game with 16, 256 and DOS/V modes. Emulation with Anex is fair and apparently it's not working with T98.

- RAM from GMF that I haven't been able to launch so far, so I'm submitting it to the experts visitting this site ^__~.


Both games have been ripped and proposed by RaiRai. Thank you !


January, 29th, 2006 :

250 Mb of requests filled. Everybody enjoy !


December, 21st, 2005 :

Parazythum wrote 2 wonderful technical articles about joysticks and IC memory cards for FM-Towns Computers ! You'll find them in the "Staff Articles" section.


December, 3rd, 2005 :

I said I'd do it a long time ago on the forum so I uploaded Ultima Trilogy 1-2-3 and Ultima 5 Warriors of Destiny for FM-Towns. Thanks to RaiRai !

Thank you all for your presence on the forum that's never been so active and for reaching 500 000 hits in November. Halfway to the million !


December, 2nd, 2005 :

I uploaded 82 requests. More to come this week-end.


October, 21st, 2005 :

I uploaded some PC98 requests.


September, 21st, 2005 :

Back with a good FM-Towns game : Megamorph.


I also re-uploaded the screenshots and the request page. Enjoy ^__~.


July, 13th, 2005 :

Back with 3 most excellent articles :

- How to Create your FM-Towns Games Compilation by Parazythum

- How to create a CD boot floppy by Ashura

- How to create a bootable hard disk image (hdi) by Ashura.


My DSL line has been upgraded and updates should be easier some requests will be filled this week, in the usual place. I'm sorry I only have very little time for Tokugawa Corp. for the moment, real life and work keeps me busy -__-;. But the faith is intact !!


June, 7th, 2005 :

More PC98 requests uploaded (134 Mo total).


June, 6th, 2005 :

I uploaded some PC98 requests, more to come this week.


May, 5th, 2005 :

I finished uploading Rayxamber for FM-Towns this game has been released by RaiRai !!!! And make sure you visit Kaminari's tutorial and get the latest Danjuro's names corrections on the screenshot page.


May, 5th, 2005 :

Uploaded some more PC98 games as requested. Most games names have been corrected thanks to Danjuro, and Kaminari wrote the first PC98 emulation tutorial for NP2. Make sure you check these out ! I started uploading Rayxamber for FM-Towns this game has been released by RaiRai.


April, 20th, 2005 :

Uploaded some more games. Hopefully some more graphics will change this week end. I'm also working on the games list since Danjuro from our Translation Dept. gave me lots of corrections to apply.


April, 17th, 2005 :

FMV started it's mutation into Tokugawa Corp. !! Thanks to Kaminari and his ambitious graphic vision ! We are a big company now so we will only write in English. Games will follow soon, stay tuned !!


April, 14th, 2005 :

I started filling requests from the bottom of my mailbox. I can't wait to have a faster connection -__-; It's so slow !! FMV will soon change it's name but the address will remain the same. Xak 3 FM-Towns is no longer available.



April, 12th, 2005 :

The forum is back ! Look in the PC98 Downloads section I uploaded some videos to keep you waiting before games. Sorry for all the people who wrote me, I'm late replying.



April, 9th, 2005 :

Back ! It's been a while and it's been messy but it's now done. I updated the PC98 screenshots during my free time (more than 3200 pictures now) and listed as many games as I could. Several mistakes have been corrected. Thanks to Rairai and Danjuro. Thank you for all your e-mails and support !! ^o^ Our requests page has also been updated.



November, 26th, 2004 :

I'm moving to a newly built building ! I should have the Internet back by the beginning of 2005. Time for me to play a bit and find a way to get out of this goddam dungeon in Branmarker 2 (by the way, sorry for all the unanswered e-mails I have in my mailbox) ... Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and stay tuned for the next updates ! ^o^



November, 14th, 2004 :

I updated the screenshots and requests section, special thanks to RaiRai and Danjuro for their help. Some games will follow soon. I'm stuck here (Branmarker 2) and I could use a little help, if you know how to get out of this dungeon, send me a mail ^__~.



October, 31st, 2004 :

Back with nearly 80 megs of PC98 request filling + some extra like Valis 1 & 2 and a CG collection from "Mahjong Sword". I think I'll also upload the omake section with some funny commercials. I'll be moving in a new house in the beginning of December so I think updates will not be very frequent around this period. But this new location will spare me 3 hours a day, enough to prepare some big updates and FMV's 3rd Anniversary in January ^___^.



October, 23rd, 2004 :

We hope all Japanese visitors are safe and did not  suffer from the typhoon. I uploaded this week's PC98 requests and reopened the FM-Towns section that's been sleeping for far too long, make sure you check it out ^__~ ! An omake section might also re-open this week end.


October, 18th, 2004 :

My ISP changed my account capacity from 100Mb to 1Gb web space, now we can make a serious site ! Thank you guys for helping out filling the games list and don't forget to request !



October, 17th, 2004 :

I updated our request list since RaiRai reduced it  ^__^. Thank you my friend !!!

I can now be contacted on MSN at this address : fullmotionvideo                @       only for friendly PC98 & Japanese retro gaming chat. And look ! This shop is in Kelesis's street ! ^__~.



October, 16th, 2004 :

I uploaded a couple of articles and finished our wanted list.



October, 15th, 2004 :

I have uploaded some more games like the "Touhou Series" which is a gift from a FMV user, I chose to upload every Gainax games this week as a tribute (I just finished Battle Skin Panic 9821). Hopefully this week end, I will finish my small but faithfull article about the relase in France of Mad Paradox, that I wrote with Rainstaff, and put MY request list online.


October, 11th, 2004 :

RairRai wrote a help article in english with pictures and explanations about the whole PC9821Na Series.


RaiRai nous a concocté un article sur la gamme des PC9821Na.


October, 10th, 2004 :

Screenshots section updated.


Mise à jour de la section screenshots.


September, 8th, 2004 :

The previous PC98 section is removed but the comments will be implemented in the Screenshots section, the text based games list will disappear soon. 14 Games were uploaded. During the week-end I will update the screenshots section.


L'ancienne version de la section PC98 disparait et sera implémentée dans la section screenshots. La liste jeux en texte va aussi bientôt disparaître. 14 jeux ont été uploadés. Pendant le week-end je pense mettre à jour la section screenshots.


September, 30th, 2004 :

13 games in the download section, as requested (some games come raw, you'll have to include them in a HDI).

13 jeux dans la section download, comme demandé (certains sont en vrac, à vous de les inclure dans une image de disque).



September, 26th, 2004 :

I started writing my thoughts about buying a PC9821 and using it.


J'ai commencé mon article sur comment acheter et utiliser un PC9821.


September, 25th, 2004 :

10 more games in the "--> PC98 Download <--" area, nothing rare but they were requested. I'm busy now because I received my PC9821Na12S8 last week end and it's a damn good machine to play with !


10 jeux de plus dans la section "--> PC98 Download <--" rien de rare mais ils ont été demandés. Je suis assez occupé en ce moment  puisque j'ai reçu mon PC9821Na12S8 la semaine dernière et je me barde avec !


September, 15th, 2004 :

The release method has changed, all requests will be fulfilled up here in the "--> PC98 Download <--" area. I will only write some words on the games I really care about ; I'm also working on the sceenshot project, on a big article about how to emulate properly a PC98. I'm also thinking about an article about how to buy a PC98 and make it work, which type of PC98 is better to buy, etc, ... Thanks to some FMV visitors I've been able to get some games and I'm still looking for some so if you want to get rid of some PC98 Games, applications and/or accessories, let us know. Enough talking, there's 12 files in the download section, enjoy !


La méthode de release va changer un peu, les requètes seront honorées dans la petite section "--> PC98 Download <--"en haut. Je n'écrirai quelques mots que sur les jeux qui me motivent personnellement ; Je travaille sur le screenshots project , sur un article expliquant comment utiliser un emulateur PC98. Je réfléchis aussi à un article sur l'import de PC98, comment les faire marcher et quel modèle acheter. Bon allez on va pas y passer la nuit, y'a 12 fichiers dans la section download, amusez vous bien !


September, 5th, 2004 :

I have uploaded the rest here, and here. All credits go to RaiRai who kindly sent this rare game to us !!


J'ai uploadé le reste ici, et ici. Les honneurs vont à RaiRai qui nous a envoyé ce jeu méga rare !!



August, 14th, 2004 :

I have uploaded some more here, these will also be available at least till the end of August, more if I can re-activate one of my servers.


J'en ai uploadé un peu plus ici, les fichiers seront dispos jusqu'à fin Août, voire plus si j'arrive à faire marcher un autre de ces serveurs Free de merde.



August, 13th, 2004 :

I started uploading here a PC88 CD-ROM game, these files will be available till the end of August. You'll find a manual and a help file in the archive with screenshots to help you launch the game. All credits go to RaiRai who kindly sent this rare game to us !!


Je commence l'upload ici d'un jeu PC88 en CD-ROM les fichiers seront dispos jusqu'à fin Août. Vous trouverez un manuel et des aides pour le lancer dans l'archive. Les honneurs vont à RaiRai qui nous a envoyé ce jeu méga rare !!


July, 31, 2004 :

At last I updated the screenshots a bit !!

J'ai enfin fait un petit update des screenshots !!



May, 23, 2004 :

Psychic Detective 2 has been re-uploaded, sorry for the inconvenience !!

Psychic Detective 2 a été ré-uploadé, désolé pour le retard !!


April, 4, 2004 :

A new FM-Towns game is available !!

Un nouveau jeu FM-Towns est disponible !!



April, 1, 2004 :

My first dump is available here. Enjoy !!

Mon premier dump est disponible içi. Amusez vous bien !!


March, 24, 2004 :

My fantastic ISP recently cleaned the hosted pages and fucked up the BBS-Forum and I couldn't update anything, but we're still there and thanks to RaiRai we are going to update the site.

Mon merveilleux FAI a mis de l'ordre dans ses pages persos ce qui a niqué notre BBS-Forum et m'a empêché d'updater, mais nous sommes toujours là et grâce à RaiRai, nous allons pouvoir updater le site.


January, 09, 2004 :

Happy new year folks !! Let's celebrate FMV's 1st anniversary with a new FM-Towns / Marty game ! This update is coming extremely late but I started a new job and I don't have much time -__-;.

Bonne Année !! Cet update rapide pour fêter la première année d'existence de FMV avec un jeu FM-Towns / Marty ! Cet update est très en retard vu que je viens de trouver un job et j'ai très peu de temps -__-;..


November, 24, 2003 :

Uploaded the last El-Hazard files, a bit late ^^; due to server problems.

Suite et fin de l'upload d'el-Hazard, un peu en retard à cause des serveurs de chez free.


November, 9, 2003 :

Uploaded some more El-Hazard files.

Suite de l'upload d'el-Hazard.


November, 3, 2003 : New Project

Started screenshooting every PC98 game. Wish me good luck -__-;

Je commence à faire des screenshots de tous les jeux PC98, souhaitez moi bonne chance -__-;


October, 27, 2003 : WE'RE BAAAAaaAAAAACK !!!

Started uploading El-Hazard for PC98 ^o^.

Début de l'upload d'El-Hazard pour PC98 ^o^.


October, 1, 2003 :

Updated the games list.

Update de la liste de jeux.


Septembre 26, 2003 :

The upload of Elm Knight ISO (PC98) is over.

L'upload de l'ISO d'Elm Knight (PC98) est terminé.


Septembre 25, 2003 :

The upload of Elm Knight ISO (PC98) has been updated.

L'upload de l'ISO d'Elm Knight (PC98) a été mise à jour.


Septembre 15, 2003 :

Continued uploading Elm Knight ISO (PC98).

Suite de l'upload de l'ISO d'Elm Knight (PC98).


Septembre 7, 2003 :

Started uploading Elm Knight ISO (PC98). Thank you for the 100 000 hits !!!

Début de l'upload de l'ISO d'Elm Knight (PC98). Merci pour les 100 000 hits !!!



Septembre 6, 2003 :

Added Sorcer Kingdom and Byakuya Monogatari (PC98) as requested + 2 PC88 Games.

Ajouté Sorcer Kingdom et Byakuya Monogatari (PC98) comme demandé + 2 jeux PC88.


Septembre 3, 2003 :

New update of the PC88 section.

Nouvelle mise à jour de la section PC88.


August 29, 2003 :

First update of the PC88 section.

Première mise à jour de la section PC88.


August 28, 2003 :

Grand opening of the PC88 Section ^__^.

Grande ouverture de la section PC88 ^__^.


August 18, 2003 :

Back after some holidays. Apparently, my servers are down so the games are not available. I'll soon propose some new ones. Including some PC88 games.

Recently, FMV collaborated with the Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back Encyclopaedia, as a result, you'll find there PC98 versions of DM, DM2 and CSB !


De retour après de petites vacances. Apparement mes serveurs ont été supprimés donc les jeux sont off-line. Je vais en proposer d'autres le plus tôt possible. Y compris des jeux PC88.

Récemment, FMV a collaboré avec le Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back Encyclopaedia, et le résultat de cette collaboration est la mise on-line de DM, DM2 et CSB !