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Author:  Ileca [ May 11th, 2015, 7:14 am ]
Post subject:  Walkthrough

I finished Jealousy but I learned at that moment that this was the Ending N°1 and by looking at the script available in the PC98 version, I found that there are two endings. Problem: I don't have the commands to help me with what I must chose to access the Ending N°2. That could be anything like the choices in that game are totally random. And even if, in the FM Towns version, you are not forced to wait for the lines to play, it's a hell to play by trial and error.
Of course, there is no Japanese walkthrough anywhere.
I am wondering if someone is skilled enough here to help by giving me the commands which will indicate me in the script where are the choices and what are the impact of any of them (if it's just a chain which jump from label to label or if it's conditional, etc.)? I posted here but that can apply to the PC98 version because it's the exact same thing and maybe it's easier to get what I want.

Thank you.

Edit: nevermind, I finished it.

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